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A Conversation with Natalia Lombardo

A Conversation with Natalia Lombardo

From Argentina to Activism

In this episode of Ordinary People host Sylvie Barbier sits down with Natalia Lombardo, a multifaceted community developer and psychedelic guide.

Natalia shares her journey from her roots in Argentina to her current endeavors in Europe, where she engages in community development, permaculture, and creative activism. She opens up about her personal healing journey following a severe brain injury and how this led her to explore and integrate psychedelics into her therapeutic practices. Natalia's story is one of transformation, resilience, and the continuous pursuit of innovative ways to foster collaboration and personal growth.

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About Natalia Lombardo

Nati helps groups to cultivate a collaborative culture through values-driven behavioral change. Her focus is the self in "self-organising": the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours each of us brings into any collective endeavour. Co-founder and Collaboration Coach at The Hum . Co-owner of Loomio and member of Enspiral.

About Sylvie Barbier

Sylvie Barbier is a French-Taiwanese performance artist, entrepreneur and educator. She co-founded Life Itself to build a wiser future through culture, space and community.

Ordinary People is a podcast series that delves into the lives of individuals who have defied societal expectations and embarked on extra-ordinary paths despite their seemingly ordinary backgrounds. Join us as we dive deep into their lives, uncovering their motivations, beliefs, practices, and moments of transformation. We demystify hero worship and share accessible narratives of real individuals who have transcended societal expectations and norms. Each guest delicately navigates the balance between introspection and worldly engagement. Listeners are offered empowerment, kinship and inspiration for embarking on their own extra-ordinary journey.


00:02:09: Current Projects and Passions

00:03:23: Nati's Childhood Journey from Argentina to Europe

00:15:51: Discovering Permaculture and Community Living in Argentina

00:21:43: Intergenerational Communication in Communities

00:29:37: Unlearning Societal Norms and Exploring New Models

00:36:14: Healing with Psychedelics

00:42:34: Embracing a New Identity Post-Trauma

00:45:33: Discovering New Energies and Capabilities

Life Itself
Ordinary People
In this series we delve into the lives of individuals who have defied societal expectations and embarked on extra-ordinary paths, despite their seemingly ordinary backgrounds. This series interrogates the belief that an extraordinary life may only be achieved by those who are naturally exceptional.
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