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A Conversation with Elizabeth Debold

A Conversation with Elizabeth Debold

From family disharmony to gender futurist and Evolve

In this episode of Ordinary People Sylvie Barbier speaks with Elizabeth Debold in a thought-provoking dialogue exploring the intersections of gender, identity, and culture. Elizabeth shares her journey of questioning societal norms around gender roles and relationships, stemming from witnessing the destructive dynamic between her parents. She talks about her early spiritual experience that opened her up to a sense of unity, and her involvement in feminist activism and spiritual communities. 

The conversation explores themes of community, interbeing, postmodernism, and the tensions between different generations.

#societalchange #genderidentity #growth #resilience #feminine #masculine #ordinarypeople #secondrenaissance #developmentalpsychology 

About Elizabeth Debold 

Elizabeth Debold is a developmental psychologist, gender futurist and author of the bestselling Mother Daughter Revolution. She has spent the past four decades working as an activist, researcher, journalist, spiritual explorer, and transformative educator in relation to gender and cultural evolution. 

About Sylvie Barbier

Sylvie Barbier is a French-Taiwanese performance artist, entrepreneur and educator. She co-founded Life Itself to build a wiser future through culture, space and community.

Ordinary People is a podcast series that delves into the lives of individuals who have defied societal expectations and embarked on extra-ordinary paths despite their seemingly ordinary backgrounds. Join us as we dive deep into their lives, uncovering their motivations, beliefs, practices, and moments of transformation. We demystify hero worship and share accessible narratives of real individuals who have transcended societal expectations and norms. Each guest delicately navigates the balance between introspection and worldly engagement. Listeners are offered empowerment, kinship and inspiration for embarking on their own extra-ordinary journey.


0:00 - Gender identity, spirituality, and creating sacred spaces for connection

05:32 - Personal growth through writing and identity formation

11:26 - Gender roles, expectations, and family betrayal

19:38 - Gender roles and cultural divisions

25:17 - Gender roles, femininity, and community life

34:34 - Women's empowerment and interpersonal relationships

41:40 - Family dynamics, and sibling relationships

48:00 - Generational differences and the challenges of growing up in a postmodern society

Life Itself
Ordinary People
In this series we delve into the lives of individuals who have defied societal expectations and embarked on extra-ordinary paths, despite their seemingly ordinary backgrounds. This series interrogates the belief that an extraordinary life may only be achieved by those who are naturally exceptional.
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